We support our clients' advocacy and engagement activities, helping them to build coalitions of support. We adopt a systematic approach, establishing the client's core strengths, identifying issues that impact reputation and the attainment of organisational goals, developing a strong set of key messages and ensuring that these messages are delivered clearly and consistently to the right audiences, in the right ways, at the right time.

Our proprietory stakeholder relationship management tools assist our clients to record and track stakeholder sentiment.

Recent Case Studies

Head of State

A renewed vision and International positioning

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Multinational Mining Company

Improved reputation and tenure security

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Engagement Challenges

A multinational corporation providing internet-related products and services required public relations and media relations to support their launch into several African markets.

Our Impact

We positioned the client from being little-known on the continent, to being a key player and influencer in a range of sectors.

A leading African mining firm was struggling with low productivity from employees at the mines, which was ultimately affecting the company’s financial bottom line in the form of low output.

Through a comprehensive employee engagement plan, the client regained trust and support from its workforce; productivity has increased.

A multinational drinks company operating across Africa required support with developing its corporate communications and sustainability strategy in order to build its reputation as an investor, employer and partner of choice and to facilitate business development.

We helped establish the company's reputation as a responsible and committed investor and thought leader.

An African multilateral organisation in the process of finalising its transition from an African Union secretariat to the continent’s technical development agency needed a new long term communications and branding strategy.

After a highly successful engagement, we were invited back twice to implement key elements of the new communications strategy.

The largest Nigerian conglomerate required support with its communications and investor relations around the listing of one of its companies on the Nigerian and London stock exchanges

We secured supportive local and international analyst coverage; the offer was significantly oversubscribed.

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