Head of State


africapractice worked with the newly elected Head of State of a Central African country, advising him on the delivery of his ambitious plan to transform his country into an emerging economy with a particularly strong environmental policy. The president needed to communicate clearly about his vision for his country’s development, while also establishing his own international profile and positioning. africapractice provided technical support for the creation of a Presidential Communications Unit and also assisted with the development of a communications strategy at both a local and international level. This work included messaging and building a communications agenda, media relations, content production, crisis communications and international promotion. africapractice also developed a Competitive Identity strategy to support the development and implementation of a public diplomacy strategy aiming at positioning the country strongly with new partners, notably the UK, US, Singapore and other African countries. africapractice supported the President during official State Visits, as well as with international press trips. africapractice also implemented a thought leadership initiative around environmental policies in Africa and supervised communications around the Africa Cup of Nations 2012.

Success Factors

africapractice’s expertise in Presidential and Government communications facilitated the establishment of a new communications team for the President’s office. Our ability to provide a dedicated on-site team (up to 8 people) was key in establishing productive working relationships with key governmental stakeholders and instilling discipline in the governmental communications team to ensure the quality, relevance and consistency of messaging. Our network of offices enabled us to dedicate relevant resources for each project and build quality media relations for the client. Our insights in Competitive Identity also enabled us to identify communications opportunities for the President to promote his country.

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