Our People

More than 90 consultants work for africapractice today.  We live and work according to our core values : committed, courageous, candid, curious, cross-border.

Our people have joined africapractice from a variety of disciplines. We are politicians, analysts, project managers, journalists, diplomats, public relations professionals and economists. All of us are trained communicators and all of us have analytical minds.





Ian Kortlang

Ian is the Executive Chairman of Africa Practice in Australia. Prior to establishing his own consulting business operating at the intersect of politics and business, Ian had a successful career as a political strategist, public sector executive, diplomat and army officer. This included serving as a diplomat from 1973-80, and acting as chief of staff and campaign strategist for the State Leader of the Opposition, Director-General of the Department of State Development in New South Wales and Chief of Staff to the Federal Leader of the Opposition during the late 1980s. He also has significant experience in Africa, setting up a Zambia-based development consultancy, which established operations across six African countries. Ian holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics, Philosophy and International Relations. He is also the founding president of the Australia-Africa business council.

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