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The African Year in 2017

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Amid a seismic shift in global politics that is resonating across the world’s economies, Africa will need to stand tall in 2017 if it is to position itself effectively in a fast-changing climate for international trade, investment and development assistance. Over-reliance on commodity prices has already exposed a number of African countries to sharp downturns, …   Read more

Nigeria: The Long Road Ahead

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The euphoria around President Buhari’s 2015 election victory has proven short-lived with Nigeria currently rocked by the worst recession in a generation. The oil price slump and production disruption linked to militancy in the Niger delta has starved the government of its primary source of revenues and foreign exchange receipts. Meanwhile, tough economic conditions and …   Read more

Tanzania: Decoding ‘the Magufuli way’ and forging a path for constructive private sector engagement

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John Magufuli’s victory in the 2015 presidential elections marked a watershed moment in Tanzanian politics. Since becoming President, Magufuli has tirelessly sought to tackle corruption, improve governance and ensure regulatory and fiscal compliance. This presidential ambition and the new ruling style that has accompanied it, has had a perceptible impact on how the state functions …   Read more

Tanzania’s 2016/17 Budget: Magufuli stamps his mark

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Since President John Magufuli’s election in October 2015, Tanzania has undergone seismic political changes, driven by the new Head of State’s ruling style and political agenda. His administration’s first budget is a reflection of a clear government commitment to improving governance, driving development and fully enforcing tax and regulatory standards. However, it has also raised …   Read more

Strategic Outlook for Nigeria’s Energy Sector

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The downturn in global oil prices has placed significant pressure on Nigeria’s economy, turning the spotlight on a number of structural, legal and political issues underpinning the country’s energy sector. Last year’s landmark change in government has brought renewed impetus to energy sector reform initiatives. However, President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration faces many of the same …   Read more

Ghana Election Watch 2016

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  Ghana will hold general elections on 7 November 2016 to determine the next President and the make-up of the country’s 275-seat legislature.  In this note, we explore some of the key themes around election campaigning, while future reporting will focus on the likely conduct and outcome of the polls.   Download the report here: Africa …   Read more

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To be a miner under Magufuli

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The last 18 months have presented many challenges for businesses across a range of sectors in Tanzania as they work to adapt to the governing style of President Magufuli. The administration’s anti-corruption drive has been well received by the private sector and citizens alike. However, the current aggressive push towards revenue collection, increased presence of …   Read more

Guinea behind the headlines

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Much of the international coverage of Guinea in recent years has naturally focused on the political intrigues surrounding major mining multinationals and the devastating Ebola crisis. Prior to that, Guinea was also making the headlines for all the wrong reasons following the political instability and unrest that marked the period from 2008/09 when a military …   Read more

Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle could unleash economic and political storm

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After weeks of mounting speculation, President Jacob Zuma today finally pulled the trigger and fired Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas. The move has already sent the rand plummeting but this is likely only the beginning of South Africa’s economic woes. What follows is likely to be a political and economic …   Read more

Zambia: local content in focus again

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Following a speech to parliament on Friday in which President Edgar Lungu criticised a perceived influx of foreign workers into Zambia’s mining industry, the government has announced it will conduct a month-long review of foreign labour quotas in the sector. The move follows sustained criticism of working practices by union groups and civil-society organisations. While …   Read more

Volatility and survival of the fittest – Marcus Courage urges companies to adapt to the new normal

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Volatility is the new normal in the mining industry, says pan-African consulting firm africapractice founder and CEO Marcus Courage. “Companies must adapt. They must become agile by identifying their core competencies and where to play and manage the politics,” he states. Courage notes that global economic output continued to affect the mining industry in 2016. …   Read more

The Gambia: Forcing the issue

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Senegalese troops yesterday crossed the border into The Gambia in a show of force to longstanding president Yahya Jammeh who is refusing to step down from power after contesting his electoral loss in December. Multiple rounds of crisis talks mediated by West African heads of state have failed, prompting a more forceful approach by the …   Read more

Ghanaians vote for change

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Last week, Ghana’s Electoral Commission declared Nana Akufo-Addo as victor in the 2016 presidential election, securing 53.85% of the vote share to the incumbent’s 44.40%. This equated to a difference of over 1 million votes. Akufo-Addo’s victory was therefore comprehensive, especially considering how close recent presidential elections have run.  The opposition NPP also won a …   Read more

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