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A perspective on Kenya’s Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering (Amendment) Act, 2017

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Although Kenya has had an anti-money laundering framework in place since 2009, the country has remained vulnerable to money laundering and financial fraud. The inadequacies of the original legal framework to regulate a sector which has undergone significant evolutions both in traditional and non-traditional financial services has created regulatory gaps that can be exploited by …   Read more

The African Year in 2017

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Amid a seismic shift in global politics that is resonating across the world’s economies, Africa will need to stand tall in 2017 if it is to position itself effectively in a fast-changing climate for international trade, investment and development assistance. Over-reliance on commodity prices has already exposed a number of African countries to sharp downturns, …   Read more

Nigeria: The Long Road Ahead

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The euphoria around President Buhari’s 2015 election victory has proven short-lived with Nigeria currently rocked by the worst recession in a generation. The oil price slump and production disruption linked to militancy in the Niger delta has starved the government of its primary source of revenues and foreign exchange receipts. Meanwhile, tough economic conditions and …   Read more

Tanzania: Decoding ‘the Magufuli way’ and forging a path for constructive private sector engagement

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John Magufuli’s victory in the 2015 presidential elections marked a watershed moment in Tanzanian politics. Since becoming President, Magufuli has tirelessly sought to tackle corruption, improve governance and ensure regulatory and fiscal compliance. This presidential ambition and the new ruling style that has accompanied it, has had a perceptible impact on how the state functions …   Read more

Tanzania’s 2016/17 Budget: Magufuli stamps his mark

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Since President John Magufuli’s election in October 2015, Tanzania has undergone seismic political changes, driven by the new Head of State’s ruling style and political agenda. His administration’s first budget is a reflection of a clear government commitment to improving governance, driving development and fully enforcing tax and regulatory standards. However, it has also raised …   Read more

Strategic Outlook for Nigeria’s Energy Sector

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The downturn in global oil prices has placed significant pressure on Nigeria’s economy, turning the spotlight on a number of structural, legal and political issues underpinning the country’s energy sector. Last year’s landmark change in government has brought renewed impetus to energy sector reform initiatives. However, President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration faces many of the same …   Read more

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Mining Charter 3: A response to the clarion call for radical change in South Africa

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The third iteration of the Mining Charter released by Minister Mosebenzi Zwane on 15 June, has elicited a flurry of criticism and outrage from mining companies, investors, economic and political stakeholders, both within South Africa and abroad. The Mining Charter 3, broadly aims to set up targets for black economic empowerment in the mining sector with a focus on issues such as ownership, employment equity and procurement of services and products. The Charter’s new propositions on transformation are viewed as threatening to investor value and appetite, mainly in how it aims to increase levels of ownership and control by disadvantaged groups above the previously mandated 26% as outlined in Mining Charter 2.   Read more

Dynamics shaping the Kenyan electoral landscape

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RAW Talks with Marcus Courage

Marcus Courage is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Africa Practice Ltd, a strategic advisory firm. He is Director of Alkebulan Ltd.   Read more

Growing regulation creeping on African business – how do companies survive?

Richard is africapractice’s Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining the company, Richard spent five years as the Head of Global Strategic Alliances at Microsoft Africa, where he was responsible for managing Microsoft’s strategic engagements with development partners and inter-governmental organisations across 47 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean islands. He was instrumental in establishing Microsoft’s partnerships with: The African Union (AU), African Development Bank (AfDB),United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS), World Bank and the East African Community (EAC) among others. He is also credited with negotiating significant public-private-partnership contracts in the education and health sectors.   Read more

Kenya’s Economy: Battling Headwinds

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On first sight, the Kenyan economy appears buoyant, with official statistics showing that the country’s economy steadily grew by 5.6 percent in 2015 and by 5.8 percent last year, well above the sub-Saharan average of 3.3%. However, with both the World Bank and IMF predicting that growth will fall by 0.5% this year, Kenya is …   Read more

Nigeria’s Whistleblowing Programme: More Noise Than Substance?

President Muhammadu Buhari came to power in 2015 on a strong anti-corruption platform. On taking office, his administration launched a suite of corruption investigations which have seemingly overwhelmed the country’s main anti-corruption agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). It has also overseen some important institutional and procedural reforms to reduce the ease with …   Read more

A new development model for Africa

The commodities downturn has revealed the fragility and structural weaknesses of many African economies. With fast-growing populations, African states are under intense pressure to deliver for their citizens. At the same time, austerity is impacting Africa’s traditional donors, with foreign governments focused on domestic priorities rather than overseas largesse.  Meanwhile, climate change and income inequality …   Read more

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