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Ramaphoria losing steam?

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South African President Cyril Ramaphosa recently celebrated 100 days in office, three months after Jacob Zuma was pressured by the ANC to resign or face impeachment. Ramaphosa faced a tough battle to secure the ANC’s backing to succeed Zuma, with the leadership contest exposing deep divisions within the ruling party. But in the large, the …   Read more

DRC: Cobalt Supply Chain Pressures Rising

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As the DRC seemingly heads towards elections slated for 23 December this year (see The DRC: No Pressure, No Problem), the only other topic as popular as Kabila’s succession or candidacy in business circles is the flurry of mining activity in the country. Government contract renegotiations, miners’ volatile stock prices, disputes and injunctions, the upturn in …   Read more

Tanzania’s evolving investment environment

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Since the election of President John Magufuli, the Tanzanian government has at times been accused of a myopic focus on revenue collection at the cost of business growth. Businesses in particular have complained that policy flux and a weight of fiscal and regulatory enforcement activities has not been accompanied by a constructive dialogue around reform. …   Read more

The DRC: no pressure, no problem

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The DRC’s elections are scheduled for December 2018, after multiple delays. With President Joseph Kabila unable to run again without a constitutional amendment, his options are limited to appointing a successor or delaying the election again on account of several legitimate reasons. Recurring unrest in Kinshasa and growing violent conflicts in multiple provinces are the …   Read more

The African Year in 2018

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As the global economy begins to advance on surer footing, Africa’s economies face an important test. Some will be buoyed by the creeping rise in commodity prices. But this could be partially offset by rising interest rates in Western economies. These will both increase the cost of foreign currency debt-servicing for African governments and corporates, …   Read more

South Africa: the ANC’s elective conference 2017

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With just under three weeks to go until the African National Congress’s (ANC) elective conference, the race to succeed President Jacob Zuma is entering its most critical phase. The conference occurs against a backdrop of prolonged controversy around the country’s leadership, prompted by scandals in government and widening divisions within the heart of the ruling …   Read more

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Improving Zimbabwe’s Economy Should Be The Main Focus After Polls

africapractice East Africa Client Service Lead, Rishon Chimboza speaks to CGTN about what the next President of Zimbabwe should be focusing on to revive Zimbabwe’s ailing economy. Click here to view the interview       About the expert: Rishon Chimboza is a strategic communications, stakeholder engagement and policy advocacy expert with experience advising at …   Read more

What’s Next For Zimbabwe?

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Zimbabwe is facing a new age after holding its first election in 38 years without Robert Mugabe’s name on the ballot. With the electoral commission on 3 August announcing that Emmerson Mnangagwa has won the presidential election, what’s next for the country? Africapractice East Africa Client Service Lead, Rishon Chimboza speaks to CGTN about what the …   Read more

DRC: Kabila steps down, opposition must step up

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On 8 August, the government spokesman announced that Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary would be the ruling coalition’s candidate in the presidential election slated for 23 December 2018. Shadary, the former interior minister and Secretary General of the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy (PPRD), will represent the Common Front for Congo (FCC). The announcement puts an …   Read more

Zimbabwe: Continuity and change

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Zimbabwe’s electoral commission on 3 August announced that incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa has won the presidential election, securing 50.8% of the vote against opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s 44.3%. The result follows a spasm of unrest in the capital Harare in reaction to the earlier announced parliamentary election results, which saw Mnangagwa’s ZANU-PF party win sweeping …   Read more

Nigeria: Election season is upon us

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After yesterday’s defection by Nigeria’s Senate President Bukola Saraki from the ruling APC to the PDP, today it was the turn of Sokoto Governor Aminu Tambuwal to announce he was defecting to the opposition. Saraki and Tambuwal are the latest in a series of APC legislators to jump ship and they may not be the …   Read more

Kenya should not gamble with Energy Security

Kenya’s energy mix has been a widely discussed topic both locally and across borders. What is common in all these discussions is the question ‘is Kenya’s energy mix sufficient enough to meet our transformational agenda?’ While there are those who believe that Kenya’s current capacity of about 2,300MW is sufficient for the country to achieve …   Read more

Cameroon: Biya’s Candidacy Spells Trouble

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Ending recent speculation, Cameroonian President Paul Biya this morning announced his candidacy in the upcoming elections on 7 October 2018. While many Cameroonians were beginning to suspect that the 85-year-old president would not have the appetite to stand for further office, Biya has given no sign of handing over the reins of power or paving …   Read more

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