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Election Watch Update – March 2014

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Our last report on Nigeria’s forthcoming elections pointed to the likelihood of increased fluidity between the two major parties as the elections draw nearer; recent events support that view. We listed money and violence as two things to watch in this election year; sadly our fears about security in the North-East have proved to be valid while a sudden development in the Central Bank adds to concerns over the potential for rampant patronage spending this year.


Nigeria Election Watch March 2014 - Speed Read


Ongoing Party Politics

  • Increased fluidity between the ruling party and the main opposition party
  • Former VP Atiku Abubakar leaves PDP for APC
  • Planned defection of 11 senators from PDP to APC held up by court case
  • PDP regains majority in House of Representatives (has 178 members to APC’s 168)
  • Original party leaders of APC in Kwara and Adamawa defect to PDP

Stability & Security

  • Increasing Boko Haram violence may be linked to splinter groups protecting political interests


  • Opposition delays important decisions in the National Assembly as negotiation tactic; seeks to reduce liquidity
  • CBN Governor suspended, replacement named

Things to Watch

  • Several changes in the Cabinet with more expected
  • National Conference takes off

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